Wuthering Heights

A happy New Year to all! I must say, my New Year's Eve was the best I've ever had... I spent it reading. I finished Wuthering Heights (not to mention the other 2 novels I started and finished), needless to say, I've needed these past several days to settle down from the emotional toll that novel takes.

I find Wuthering Heights an agonizing yet beautiful story. Let me qualify that statement: the love it depicts is most certainly not beautiful, rather, it's everything you hope love isn't. The beauty is in the fact that an inexperienced young woman was able to draw forth such a colorful, painful world full of fascinating characters. The shifting of the narratives from Nelly to Lockwood (and tenses, past to present) seem to be what confuse most people, but it gives the story a lively rhythm. Perhaps it's not a novel for those wishing for a lovely, sweet romantic story, you have to have an appreciation for the dark and sometimes brutal side of love. Give it a try and make sure you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally!

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