Help Me!

I need help. I have a major impulse control issue when it comes to bookstores. It always happens the same way, I walk into a store, full of excitement, with my list in my hand. Every time I intend to buy something specific (note the use of the singular: "something" not plural, "somethingS") and then I walk out a couple hours later having spent way too much money.

Camelot: my undoing. Yesterday I thought, "I need one book, I'll go to Camelot for a minute, get it, and leave." Oh, what a simpleton I am! I bought considerably more than one book, but I kept seeing ones I absolutely had to have, not to mention ones I've searched for for years. From now on, I need to be very careful when I pick up a book, very rarely do I put them back once they've made the journey from the shelf into my hands.

Well, I've acquired a beautiful copy of Don Juan, Frankenstein, Sons and Lovers, Ulysses, The Castle Rackrent, The Absentee, John Donne's complete collection of poetry and my 5th copy of A Tale of Two Cities (Don't ask.) Hey, at least they have great prices there.

Did I mention I don't have any more room on my bookshelves? I'm getting extremely creative in my stacking.

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