The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

What is it about this novella that enthralls readers so much (myself included)? I still can’t figure it out; I think it may be the fact that it’s so wonderfully understated in its horror. It is by no means serene in its plot, yet it leaves you to imagine so much. In a very short amount of pages, Robert Louis Stevenson creates a respectable doctor and a dastardly monster; the proverbial “two sides of the same coin”. Though told from multiple vantage points, it in no way complicates matters to have a few main characters.

Oddly enough, it never struck me until this read through: I always thought of Hyde as the “evil one”, but what about the fact that the good Doctor Jekyll simply cannot contain his need for self expression (in the form of Mr. Hyde)? Ah, Doctor Jekyll seems to have more of that Mr. Hyde dark side than he lets on. Anyways, it’s quick, it’s fantastic and an absolute must read.

For a crazy-good modern twist on the well known story, check out Jekyll with the sexy James Nesbitt.

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