Finding Nic

In the confusion and turmoil of an imperfect world, we can lose ourselves in a lot of things. In work, in school, in relationships… Sometimes those things begin to take any ounce of creativity or uniqueness out of you and you become one of the masses. Other times, you just hide, so no one will notice… Commonplace, nondescript, average.

I’ve always had a fear of being too much like everyone else, yet I never enjoyed standing out too much, I never really fit in perfectly and although I have many dear friends who make me feel loved, I’m still a square peg in a world of round pegs. Hmm, how to overcome the dilemma? Forget what people think of you, “Be yourself, after all, there’s only one you” (from one of my favorite childhood books, Babar).

I realized something, I may not fit in with everyone else I know, but that doesn’t make me less. I may look different, but it’s my heart and my soul that truly define me. My ‘packaging’ may not be exactly how I would wish it, but I’m me, and that’s enough. While looking for a reason why I am the way I am, I found myself to be someone I didn’t expect. I’m a Rockabilly, born in the wrong decade, but living with a look and a set of rules that I still value highly. Always be a lady; don’t settle for anything less than a gentleman; listen to the music you like, not the modern day garbage; you don’t have to dress “sexy” to be alluring and never travel without sufficient amounts of: black eyeliner, red lipstick and bobby pins.

So go on, be yourself, be fabulous and don’t let yourself get caught up trying to fit in.