Our Mutual Friend

‘Money, money, money…’ the pervasive theme throughout Dickens’ final completed novel. Though money and class issues were prevalent in Dickens’ other novels in moderation, Our Mutual Friend sweeps up dozens of characters into the world of finances, greed, class distinctions and even racial intolerance. It’s difficult in this particular novel to choose a favorite pairing of characters between John Harmon/Rokesmith and Bella Wilfer, Mr. and Mrs. Boffin, Eugene Wrayburn and Lizzie Hexam… you’re hard pressed to find a favorite story line.

I do love John Harmon’s devotion to the mercenary Bella and his beloved Mr. and Mrs. Boffin, I love Mr. Boffin’s antics, Mrs. Boffin’s good natured love of those around her, Eugene’s slightly silly personality and Lizzie’s strength. As an added bonus, Jenny Wren is a fantastic character who adds sweetness and humor to the story. Mr. Riah, is certainly one of the best and most lovable characters (a sharp contrast to Fagin of Oliver twist) and serves as a balancing character to Jenny’s slight strangeness.

By the way, I read this in less than a week. Not quite 6 days. I love you, Charles Dickens.

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