Martin Chuzzlewit

It’s difficult to choose one aspect of this story I like the best, it must be the vast array of characters. Of those many characters, I suppose my favorites would be Mark Tapley the cheerful servant and Tom Pinch, the sweetly innocent protagonist. Tom Pinch’s character is so amazingly kind and meek; his end seems hardly fair... Certainly he deserves the girl and everything good that can come to him, but Dickens had other ideas. Mark Tapley is one of those characters quite like Sam Weller (Pickwick Papers) or Clara Peggoty (David Copperfield)… Steadfast and inspiringly faithful.

At the other end of the spectrum, Mercy and Charity are absurd, flighty characters who add much humor to the novel (though Merry comes around by the end of the story). Although it is often considered Dickens’ least popular novel, it’s still a thoroughly wonderful story line full of classic Dickens characters.

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