Great Expectations

It's been a long while, but have I continued reading? Yes. Will I finish by the end of 2010, not quite... In my own defense, I am often given books to read or borrow and people who give them to me expect me to be quick about it. So there I go, I set down whatever literature I happen to be reading at the time and I fall behind. However, I am still determined to read Dickens' novels in succession. Back to it.

Great Expectations. The very title evokes fond memories for me, I'm not the girl who read Dickens once in high school and then swore off his novels. Oh no. I passionately love his novels, every one of them, but this one's truly a childhood memory I cherish. I remember reading it for the first time and being enchanted by the world painted by Dickens... It's not that it's an overly cheery fairy tale type of story, but somehow the characters exist and overcome and that's what makes it so very magical.

Needless to say, Joe Gargery is my favorite character... So any part of the story containing him always makes me smile especially since the sweet simplicity of good Joe reminds me of Ham in David Copperfield. Not leaving out, of course, Miss Havisham, one of my very favorite villains... Ah, the monstrous creatures we can become when those we love betray us! Great Expectations is by far one of the best novels ever written, both in imagery and in character development. Try reading it, whether you liked it the first time or not, just try it, you may find you like it.

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