Valley Books, Solvang, CA

Be still, my beating heart! While on vacation for a few days this week, I scored big time. I found books all over the lovely little town of Solvang, California. What can I say, some people buy little windmill magnets, some spend their cash on Aebleskiver, I used all available funds (and then some) on my beloved books.

I'm recommending some neat little book shops because if you happen to love literature and you find yourself in the vicinity, you'll love these stores. First up, Valley Books. There's something incredibly comforting and wonderful about this store. Unlike some bookstores which are total dives, Valley Books is clean, easy to find your way around, well organized and filed, not to mention the fact that they only sell books in good condition. -This is a big selling point for me, being a girl who's more than once bought a book in a fever of excitement only to get home and realize it smells like my Great-Great Aunt Alice's living room. -

Back to the point though, you can revel in the used and new books, buy some yummy coffee and sit in the comfy chairs all around the store. Also, another big plus: the people who work there don't hover and bother you, if you have a question, they're more than willing to help, but they understand what bibliophiles require above all: time and space.

I found 3 more books off my reading list for under $10! Seriously, go check it out, it's worth it and you'll find some great deals!

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