Standing Out

I'm not a fan of conformity. So when I'm asked to undertake decorating a table for a women's tea, I take my job seriously and I make the most of my creative abilities. My eye is far different than most people, and my brain works in strange ways. In a group of white table cloths and huge floral center pieces, I aspire to show people what they can do when they stop conforming.

Here it is... my third year decorating a table, refusing to yield to the crowd mentality and challenging people's belief that teas have to be dull, pale and plain. My table was utterly me, a tribute to the 1940's, the military, and one of my favorite activities: letter writing. I put to use my personal collection of antiques (just what I could fit) including lipsticks, hand mirrors, brooches, handkerchiefs, threads, letters from military men to sweethearts and all sorts of things.

My Papa's first picture after joining the U.S. Army

Some V Mail, a V Loan pin, a postcard from a young soldier to his parents...

My beautiful hat made by a milliner, USMC matchbook, old stamps...

Sort of a side view of my table... I still had to include elements they wanted, but it was the best I could do with the limitations I was given.

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