Village Of Hope - OCRM

There are so many of our fellow human beings who are among the ranks of the forgotten and the despised, often they’re left to face the tough world on their own. But there is hope, and it’s found in the form of a reconstructed old Marine base in Tustin.

When you hear the words “homeless shelter” what do you think of? A run down building... Angry people… Uncomfortable surroundings… Well, that’s the direct opposite of what a small team of us have experienced in working at the Orange County Rescue Mission. “The Village of Hope” is exactly that, a place of new beginnings and a true reason to look to the future with optimism. As soon as you’re on the premises you can feel the love of God; and suddenly everything hits you harder. The stories you hear, the hugs you receive, the sincere “thanks” anything and everything is overwhelmingly wonderful. In fact, every day I’ve been there, I’ve cried. They’re not tears of sadness; they’re tears of inexplicable joy, when you meet these people who have every right to make excuses or to be bitter; you only see hope, faith and love.

It is my hope that God grants me the ability to help these wonderful people and this amazing organization in any way I can. You can get involved too, check out their website and get plugged in somewhere; they can always use help and donations. Refuse to sit it out and wait for someone else to do it, stand up and show the world that you care.


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