Diagnosis: Fat Sheep Syndrome

A disorder characterized by the following:

1. Expecting to BE served, not TO serve.
2. Finding problems and turning them into crises.
3. Excessive complaining about problems, yet not trying to better those problems.
4. Being divisive (whether intentionally or unintentionally)
5. Complacency

As the church, we are all sheep in His pasture but what happens to those who have been grazing and standing around comfortably for too long? They turn into the Fat Sheep, extraordinarily good at pointing at what’s lacking with certain aspects of the ministry, but do they pick up the slack? Not a bit.

It happens in churches everywhere and it drives me crazy so I need to rant about it. Recently my spiritual mentor said something that I’ve been thinking for years: “If one more person complains about the lack of things we’re doing for them and their kids…” UGH! It’s so true.

What’s the deal with complainers? I mean why do people gripe when the answer is right in front of them? Get up, get out of your comfort zone and fix whatever it is that’s bothering you. What good is it to look at flickering light bulb, let it bother you and just sit on your butt and say “I wish someone would fix this light bulb!” while a few people around you run themselves ragged trying to serve you… No. That’s wrong.

Sound like anyone you know? We must all be careful for the Fat Sheep, they demand to be treated with the utmost care and concern yet their care and concern for others is sorely lacking. Harsh words indeed, but very true. I know a couple dozen completely dedicated people who spend mass amounts of time trying to serve others and when we receive a “that’s it?” comment the natural reactions are to:
(a) feel disappointed
(b) wonder why they don’t try it and see how difficult it is
(c) want to hit them. Hard. (maybe that’s just me?)

But really, why do some of the sheep get to be comfortable and complacent? God never said “Yeah, make sure life is easy for you all the time. Oh and don’t help, just watch a few other people do it. And then criticize them about their job.” We have to be stretched and tried, the road to strength and holiness is paved by struggles and hard work, so don’t dodge it, stand up and help out….. Or graze in an area where I can’t reach you.

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