Oh, Charles!

I've only mentioned this goal to a few people, perhaps it has to do with my very real fear that I won't actually have enough time to complete this endeavor by December 31, 2010... Here it is: [Re]read all of Charles Dickens' major works in one year.

Doesn't sound too difficult right? He is, afterall, one of my favorite authors! But my problem seems to be my style of reading, I immerse myself in the story so if I can only read about a page at one time, I won't do it. I'd rather sit down and read 100 pages, get a good amount of the story and just revel in it. Dickens paints such pictures, and weaves such remarkable tales that I often pore over certain passages over and over, relishing the imagery he describes. I'll flip back to any part that contains characters I love (i.e. The Pickwick Papers anything with Sam Weller, Bleak House Esther's narratives, David Copperfield Mr. Peggoty and Ham's recurring sections, Great Expectations the mad Miss Havisham etc...) I can't help it, I've always read that way. Unfortunately, this isn't the best habit when you have a timeline you wish to keep. At any rate, it's my intention to try my hardest to complete this goal.

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