A Look At Myself

I’m a woman.
Made up of both light and dark.
Not beautiful, or even pretty, I’m just me.
An artistic soul,
And a collector of memories, quotes and eras.
A lover of times past, decades I never lived through.
Poetic and literal.
Purveyor of a love that has often been taken for granted.
A dreamer, with a touch of cynicism which shouldn’t be mine to bear.
A painter, a dancer and a reader of novels.
Like sea glass, tossed on the shore, made softer through circumstances.
Never comfortable in large crowds,
Always alone.
Once in love, I bloomed, only to be tossed aside.
Now solitude is my favorite companion.
Often misunderstood, but when looked at without prejudice; perfectly understood.
A kaleidoscopic being, with a million facets,
And so many things I’ve yet to discover about myself.

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