There's a yearning I have, it's deep within, and I admit, it only touches me every now and again. It's a need for connection. I am connected to many people through different ways, but this yearning goes deeper. I suppose I feel it most when I notice the self centered-ness of today's social media fueled world (I know: blogging, hypocrisy!) but it goes further than that... It's the fact that this trend has led to new vocabulary, entirely new words that have been invented to further describe the ways we focus on OURSELVES. That must be it, the thing that touches me the deepest, that cuts to my very soul is the focus on ourselves. 

Yes, it's important to value yourself, I don't deny this. But it's exceedingly important to value others. We need to turn the cameras away from ourselves every now and again. We don't need to post every little thing that sort of resembles us, and we shouldn't beg for attention all the time. There are people in this great big world who are hurting, who don't need to see another picture of you sitting in front of your mango lychee smoothie... People who need substance, contact, and love. 

Step out from in front of the camera for a moment, and talk to someone who's actually there with you. Instead of posting and reposting another mildly interesting internet sensation, sit down and write a note to someone -it could change the course of their day. Don't take 50 pictures of yourself at just the right angle so you can represent yourself a certain way, be you, be unapologetically you. 

I recently saw a photo of someone I know, she took it of herself standing in front of a mirror in a public place, she's obviously posing in an unnatural way to make herself look "just so". She said something like "not even posing, this is how I look" and everyone raved on how amazing she looks without posing... In looking at the picture, the thing I noticed past the obvious was a person sitting on a bench in the background who looked miserable, as if they were in the middle of crying - forever immortalized as a hazy figure on this person's feed. No one noticed the person in the back, no one said "Oh, that poor man!" And I suppose that's my point, if she weren't so busy trying to see herself in the best light at the best angle, she might have seen this man: alone and crying. She could have made a connection. 

I worry that it could be me, that I make people feel less valuable than myself. I strive every day of my life to let others know they are loved and they are important - please God, don't let an opportunity pass me by! Dear Reader, there are people in the world who hurt, who need you... Find them, offer them love, and watch what happens.

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  1. Dear Nicole, I absolutely agree with you and I know how you feel. I guarantee you will never fall into that category of people who stop caring about others and spend too much useless time on herself. It IS important to love and care for yourself but taking zillions of picture of the food you ate that day is simply pointless. People desperately seek for attention and I think it is very scary because all it shows is that they don't have real relationships and they are very empty inside. It takes big amount of time to take photoes, sort through them, upload them, tag them, check who liked time. If you add up these seconds they become minutes and hours...Scary...Everyone should be grateful to have the opportunity to be around you to experience your kindness, to be able to give you a hug. Those people are very lucky and I would give everything if I could at least be part of your life for one single day. I hope people appreciate you, I hope they treausre you because they should. You are a special person and I hope you know this. This is a title you cannot lose, you will always be special at least to one person on this planet and that is me. Thank you for sharing your love and kindness with me<3